Propelling Individuals and Business owners ENVISION, DEVELOP, GROW and IMPROVE their lives and businesses.

This is an opportunity

for New and Existing Businesses to be helped from the start with business practices, business planning and mentorship.  And to help business owners reconnect with their changed businesses.

The Aim

to help and take hands with the business owner from the moment the decision is made, guiding and helping step-by-step in these challenging times, with a practical Solution focussed and Strategic planning program.

Reach within

your business, setting goals and making dreams a reality, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  Developing, stabilizing and giving long-term support, growing your business.


Why work with Effisio SA – Susan van Staden

Susan van Staden, your Business Coach is a Reformer and Defender, people of this personality type are essentially looking to make things better.  She has a passion for self-development and started Effisio SA in 2019, wanting to offer her over 25 years’ working experience together with a combination of Business development courses and Business Coaching, to reach and help coach and mentor as many Individuals and Business Owners with a program that concentrates not only on the business, but helping the owner step into that role. Building a bridge between builder and business and getting your teams onboard.



Susan, your Business Coach is a Reformer, people of this personality type are essentially looking to make things better.  She has a passion for self-development, and want to help as many Entrepreneurs as possible.  She has over 25 years of work experience & skills, and would use that experience together with coaching to work through the problems one by one.


OB12 – Owner to Business Mastery in 12 Sessions


Business Coaching has amazing and powerful techniques and tools that will help you to move forward, envision, develop and grow your business. This is the one time in your life where you get to choose your dates. You do not have to fall in with pre-set sessions. The 12 sessions are tailor-made around your schedule.

Investing in your future and what you will learn in the OB12program determines the outcome you want.

We look after you, follow up, and help you where you are stuck – Accountability.

  • Defining the Business. What is the plan? Working through your Business Plan

  • Business goals. Developing the business strategy.

  • Managing business growth. Breaking up the goals in workable portions.

  • Scaling your business. Finetuning the plan.

– Do you have the right team?

– Business Strategies

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Risk
  • Customer
  • Revenue
  • Cash Flow
  • Growth
  • Financial

– Prioritising and time management. Do you have the rights systems in place?

  • Personal goals.

  • Work/life balance issues.

  • Aligning business & personal goals.

  • Work on a specific goal – something that you have to do that is causing a stall.

  • Exit Plan.  Set your long term goals.

  • Set up a daily routine for you. Accountability.

– Discuss and decide on future, monthly follow-up sessions and support.

Continued Support

Discuss and decide on the future,

Monthly follow-up sessions and support.

New Goals

Set your goals.

Discuss and decide on future – follow-up sessions and support.


Set up a daily routine for you.


Business Vision R4250
Business Driver R4250
Personal Mastery R4250
Full Program O2 B12 Owner to Business Mastery R8000
Team Activities / Team Building 3-50 employees R350 pp/R200 pp
R350/pp – 2 Hours Onsite R200 – 90 minutes online
Individual Session R750
60-90 Minutes


20% Discount on full package booked


Valid until: 2020-12-15

Let’s take out the cobwebs and spring clean your business. You want to get started on your business and start living normally again – the sooner the better.

Quote reference SPRING CLEAN


Spring Clean Offer
Managing Business Strategy

Managing Business Strategy

Scaling Your Business

Scaling Your Business

Aligning Business and Personal Goals

Aligning Business and Personal Goals

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Starting a Business

Starting a Business

Develop Business Growth

Develop Business Growth

Work/Life Balance Issue

Work/Life Balance Issue

Prioritising and Time Management

Prioritising and Time Management

Team Activities / Team Building

Online or Onsite

Building better teams for your company


  • Brain Storming Sessions
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Team Building  – Bringing teams together.
  • Team Alignment (The bigger picture)
  • Collaboration Focus – learning to work together
  • A Fun Night (Day)

                – Murder Mystery

                – Dress up theme party

                – Cooking challenge 



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